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944media is a one stop solution for getting your business online and noticed. 944media creates high-end custom solutions to hundreds of ready-to-go template websites and videos using our fast and easy website and solutions partner at www.iCDRM.com. 944's founder Mark Gorzen has been designing and developing on the internet since it's very early days and going 25 years in business. This experience, keeping up with the latest trends, knowing where all the best resources are to get you noticed fast and affordably is what 25 years of doing this gets you.


Design | Web Development | Video | Audio | Marketing | Stock/Custom Photography


Only taking on 3 to 4 clients at a time, 944 gives you the attention you need but at a rate that you might hire an entry level person. You get the speed and efficiency of 25 years at an extremely affordable rate; these days it's all about knowing where the best applications and developers are so that if you do need to scale up fast, you can get it done right the first time. If you're tired of making the wrong choices and need a solution quick, give us a call.


You will consult directly with the owner to come up with strategies and solutions that best fit your needs and discuss in detail the best route to get you there within a reasonable monthly budget. Utilizing pre-built technologies can save you so much money... BUT!... how do you know you picked the right apps out of the thousands out there? 944 knows. We are your designer, developer, project manager, and marketing team. We've also worked with the best additional developers for over 20 years, so we are ready to get you what you need no matter how big you get. 


944 is here if you're saying to yourself, "I'm ready to treat my online business like I would a real business location here on earth". Your online business can make so much more money than any terrestrial business. Are you ready to hire you first dedicated digital employee? We are NOT your company if you are not in the mindset that a businesses today needs digital teams. Don't hire someone just because they were $30,000 a year only to find out it takes them twice as long to get you job done and can't do multiple skills. Hire 944 for less and get it all. 


Newbies in this business waste your time and money. We use the exact same solutions Fortune 500 companies use. Because we know where all the resources are, weeded through the good and bad over the years, stay on top of the latest trends and app developers, we therefore give you what you need for the same rate if not less than if you hired what you think is a good employee just because he is in-house. But we do make house-calls too :-)

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