About 944


Whether you're looking for original designs and photography or just want the coolest and latest look for your website, 944 can get you what you need within any budget. Branding is one of the most overlooked aspects in making your business recognizable over time, which equals more visitors, which equals more business.


Once you're website is up its all about getting you noticed on the internet but these days its all about getting the technical data setup just right so search engines will find you. SEO setup and ongoing marketing is our specialty. Social Media and Videos is the fastest way to make yourself standout and grow.


Videos are here and the future. They not only make you look way cooler, more advanced, but videos place you higher in searches. Google owns YouTube and if you know how to embed SEO data into your videos, they will show up the top of search results. 944 loves creating AfterEffects and buzzfeed like videos.


From marketing to even helping you setup your business with the corporate commission. 944 has been in business for 20 years and can advise you on many of your business needs. Online bookkeeping, eCommerce, Analytics, Trademarks, DIspute Handling, App & Plugin choices, etc... we've seen it all.

Web Design | Social Media | Branding | Business Development

You need to think about your online business as if you would any "real" business here on earth. Too many people think of their website as a secondary concern or even way down the list. Your website can easily make more money than any actual business location. These days the internet is surpassing any printed advertising or other business leads generation. More importantly more people now look for you business on their phones more than any other way which allows you to conduct transactions as soon as you are found... if you are setup to do so.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, your online business can run on a fraction of the overhead; you just need to treat it like a real business. Dedicated one person, who has all the skills you need, to your website and it will flourish. Easier said than done? Yes, it's hard to find someone that can do design, programming, marketing, video, ecommerce... everything you need... for an affordable price.


Ask yourself, how much would an employee cost who has the programming ability to build your website, design it to look really cool, then design all your other graphics so it matches your brand, then can edit cool videos that make your site and social media stand out, go onto marketing your site, set it up to take orders and even give you 20 years of advice on strategies for you business? 

If you're going to run your website like a real business you need at least one employee.... right? You need to do these things every month.... you can't just build it and expect people to come, it doesn't work like that. Real businesses have more than one employee, but because 944 only takes on a few clients you will get everything you need in one affordable price. 



Call us up, and let's come up with a plan that fits your budget.